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About us

At Toddlers Lodge we understand that children learn through play and their experiences and need social interaction with others to enable them to reach their full potential.

From an early age babies and children are encouraged and supported through stimulating resources and planning to explore different experiences to help reinforce learning - children do not progress at the same pace and at Toddlers lodge we allow each child time to develop at their own pace and to achieve their own goals.

All children have specific needs according to their age and abilities, through praise and encouragement children are given continuous support and are treated as an individual learning and developing at their own pace. This will help your child prepare for going on to school by meeting their needs from an early age promoting understanding and enjoyment of learning and education.

Toddlers Lodge follows the early years foundation stage which is designed to promote children's welfare and develop relationships with their peers and meet the individual needs of the child. Which link to the areas taught at key stage 1

The six areas of learning are:

  • Personal social and emotional development
  • Communication language and literacy
  • Problem solving reasoning and numeracy
  • Knowledge and understanding of the world
  • Physical development
  • Creative development

Using these areas of development Toddlers Lodge plans fun stimulating themed activities and equipment to keep children focused excited and willing to learn.
Group and 1:1 activities are enjoyed by all children giving them time to develop their own understanding of each area, and giving us the opportunity to monitor your child's development.
Toddlers Lodge is arranged into age related areas.

Our babies have their own soft matted playroom and patio area where they learn through experimental play such as jelly play, paint sand water and music. Giving them an introduction to new experiences.

Toddler activities are themed and build on their knowledge, understanding and experiences and to develop their social interaction and language skills.

Our pre-school children have their own room where the emphasis is on preparing them for going to school. The children have their own timetable to include time for writing skills, number work, computer skills, and cooking and helping to make them independent prior to starting school.

In our quiet room the children come together for circle time to share news, stories, singing and music time, developing listening language and social skills.

Toddlers Lodge is designed to stimulate intrigue and inspire children and babies and to capture their imagination and interest so that they develop a variety of different skills, make friendships and learn in a fun way whether they are babies or pre school aged.

The children have access to a music session once a week ( at a small additional cost) by 'music for kids' this is given by Susann Brass a music teacher and psychotherapist who gives a half hour session with musical instruments, songs and sound stories body percussion games and movement and dance to small groups this helps to develop the imagination, help concentration and build social skills.

Our outside space is separated into 6 areas giving the children the opportunity to spread out

We have a soft matted patio area for the babies. A patio area for sand water and messy play. A home corner for imaginative and role play and 3 well equipped secure play areas where the children can develop their motor skills on climbing equipment, bikes with balls or just for running around and group games.

The garden offers shade for the summer months ensuring the children can have time outside all year round.  The children's learning will continue into the garden which also provides space for the children to plant and grow bulbs flowers and seeds and enjoy a sensory garden.

Toddlers Lodge has a structured timetable to allow your child to experience all our setting has to offer whether they attend just one session or a full week.

Toddlers Lodge has provision for 20 children per session so that a high staff ratio can be maintained.

Baby spaces are limited to 3 per session.

We are open Monday to Friday 7.30 - 6.00
And Saturdays  9.00 - 1.00

For more information call in and see us  anytime or telephone

(00357) 97691563